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  • 2011
    • September
      • Wolpertinger 0.4.1
        Updated Wolpertinger to build with Juce 1.53. This fixes reported crashes in some hosts. Thanks to falkTX from KXStudio for testing & initial patch!

        Download 32bit Linux binaries | Readme (includes build instructions)

    • May
      • Open-Source Firmware for the D-Link DIR-652 Wlan Router
        This post doesn't have anything to do with Linux Audio. Instead I'm describing how I got the Official(TM) Ubicom source distribution for the DIR652 router built and working, including SSH support and WPA2. The process is probably similar for other related devices, so maybe this is useful f

  • 2010
    • November
      • Wolpertinger 0.4 is out
        Changes and additions:
        * A plain old Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release Volume envelope
        * Dynamically configurable oversampling for antialiasing (1x/8x/16x)
        * Bug fix: Sample rate was sometimes not set correctly
        * Experimental Win32 DLL build

        Download | Readme (

    • September
      • Another Wolpertinger Demo Track
        This track (mp3) shows the current state of Wolpertinger code in SVN HEAD, which will be version 0.4. The waveforms are now generated with 16x oversampling which removes antialiasing, creating a smoother, more natural sound.
        The song was created with the Native Linux VST version running in Ren

    • August
      • Linux Multimedia Lab
        (In German)

        Die Menge an Software für Linux und andere alternative Betriebssysteme macht es dem Einzelnen schwer, die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen. In geselliger Runde kann man den eigenen Horizont erweitern, Infos aufschnappen, oder zusammen kreativ werden.

        Daher wollen wir all

    • May
      • DSSI: Which S is for 'Simple'...?
        In a forum thread on the Renoise board, the question about DSSI support came up, which prompted me to have a look at the DSSI specification. Thought I might as well post my opinion about it here. Sorry for this little rant.
        A DSSI plugin UI is a separate standalone program, that communicates wi

      • Oh freddled gruntbuggly...
        This totally b0rked antialiasing filter... Sounds kinda cool. :-)

    • April
      • Wolpertinger 0.3
        Version 0.3 has a Virtual Keyboard component (most useful in the standalone version) and some other GUI niceties. It's built with latest Juce tip.

        Download: Linux binaries (32-bit)
        Source: SVN
        See README for build instructions.

    • March
      • Switching back to Juce
        While Juced (the fork) has some features the original Juce lacks, Juced could be merged a little more frequently for my taste, and it's not always 100% internally consistent (incompatibilities with UI code generated by The Jucer). Also, the main feature I liked about Juced - JACK support - was

      • Code incompatibilities fixed
        Wolpertinger will now properly build again with Juced SVN.
        Build process works something like this:

        1. Get Juced
        svn checkout juced -r163

        2. Build Juced
        (cd juced/tools/linux; ./manage make lib)

        3. Get VST SDK 2.

    • February
      • Wolpertinger 0.2
        This is a small update. The GUI looks mostly the same as 0.1:

        * MIDI parameter changes now update the GUI
        * Binaries are no longer linked to OpenGL
        * Debug and Release binaries included.

        Audio snippet: mp3
        32-bit Binaries for Linux: Download
  • 2009
    • November
      • Makefile for Arduino 0017
        While the Arduino Java IDE is nice to get a sketch up and running quickly, after a while you might want to use your favorite editor or IDE to write your sketches (I like Codeblocks). There is a Makefile included in the Arduino archive which can be used for this purpose, but it does not work out-of-t

    • August
      • Wolpertinger 0.1 Linux Standalone + VSTi
        Wolpertinger is a subtractive synth with a sharp bandpass filter. The center frequency of the filter moves relative to the frequency of the playing notes. Thanks to the Juced library it can be used both as a standalone application supporting JACK or ALSA audio outputs, and as a native VST plugin.