Code incompatibilities fixed 
Wolpertinger will now properly build again with Juced SVN.
Build process works something like this:

1. Get Juced
svn checkout juced -r163

2. Build Juced
(cd juced/tools/linux; ./manage make lib)

3. Get VST SDK 2.4
... point browser to Steinberg's developer site... Setup "3rd party developer account"... Provide Email address for SPAM... Sign in blood the provided License Agreement... Sell soul to Satan... Finally, unzip the SDK to subdirectory vstsdk2.4...

4. Get Wolpertinger
svn checkout svn:// wolpertinger

5. Build Wolpertinger
(cd wolpertinger; make; make config=release)

Done! You will find the normal binaries in build/Release and debug binaries in build/Debug.

Once you did the setup you can just run
cd wolpertinger; svn update; make; make config=release
to make the latest Wolpertinger.

Note that point 3 (the PITA point) is the reason we need a set of free-as-in-speech VST-compatible plugin headers - a Vestige for Plugins (VFP). If you want to help constructing one, contact me.

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