Updated Wolpertinger to build with Juce 1.53. This fixes reported crashes in some hosts. Thanks to falkTX from KXStudio for testing & initial patch!

Download 32bit Linux binaries | Readme (includes build instructions)

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Changes and additions:
* A plain old Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release Volume envelope
* Dynamically configurable oversampling for antialiasing (1x/8x/16x)
* Bug fix: Sample rate was sometimes not set correctly
* Experimental Win32 DLL build

Download | Readme (includes build instructions)

* Building: The repository now includes an amalgamated copy of JUCE, which makes building easier. The code should also build on 64-bit systems now.

* Win32 VST: I have also compiled this version as a Win32 VST using mingw32, which was a bit of a hassle, but I think it's working. This is intended to be used in Linux VST hosts which only support Windows VSTs. (Confused? Yeah, me too!) If you test this in any such hosts, like LMMS, or even under Windows, let me know if it works for you. It's experimental, and not really recommended. I tested the DLL with LMMS 0.4.8, and it did load after a while. Sound works too, but the GUI goes blank after a few button clicks. The DLL works fine under dssi-vst, so it seems to be a problem with the way LMMS handles the GUI. Maybe it works in a different version of LMMS. YMMV... LMMS has the great Vestige SDK replacement, I think they should really use this for native support too. There are a few native Linux VSTs available now, and Windows DLLs + Wine will probably never be a stable, efficient way to use synthesizer plugins on Linux. If possible, use the native build!

I'm also planning to do a DSSI and/or LV2 version, but there is no support for that in JUCE yet, so I'd have to write the wrapper code first.

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This track (mp3) shows the current state of Wolpertinger code in SVN HEAD, which will be version 0.4. The waveforms are now generated with 16x oversampling which removes antialiasing, creating a smoother, more natural sound.
The song was created with the Native Linux VST version running in Renoise. Most of the sounds are created with Wolpertinger, except the drums and voice samples.

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This totally b0rked antialiasing filter... Sounds kinda cool. :-)

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Version 0.3 has a Virtual Keyboard component (most useful in the standalone version) and some other GUI niceties. It's built with latest Juce tip.

Download: Linux binaries (32-bit)
Source: SVN
See README for build instructions.

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