Makefile for Arduino 0017 
While the Arduino Java IDE is nice to get a sketch up and running quickly, after a while you might want to use your favorite editor or IDE to write your sketches (I like Codeblocks). There is a Makefile included in the Arduino archive which can be used for this purpose, but it does not work out-of-the-box in 0017 without a few changes. These are the changes I made:

- removed wiring_serial.c from source file list (no longer used in 0017)
- made clear that AVR_TOOLS_PATH is platform dependent (choose one, see makefile)
- added empty error handler for pure virtual function calls in preprocessing section (sketches won't link without it)
- made error messages refer to the actual .pde file in preprocessing section
- enabled auto-reset with stty (makes resetting the board before uploading unnecessary - the IDE does this automatically, but the Makefile didn't)
- added all subdirectories of .../hardware/libraries to compiler include path, like the IDE does it

You can get the file here.

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